My review policy

I love reviewing books, hence why I’m here! I do sometimes get a bit snowed under with reviews.

I regularly review for Orenda books and Neverland blog tours. I do also have requests direct from publishers and authors.

I have been asked if I only review indie published books, the answer is no, although, I do love giving support to independent and self-published authors. There are some real hidden gems out there just waiting to be found!

I welcome authors or publishers contacting me directly to enquire about reviews, I will be honest and tell you if I do not have the time.

I love most genre’s and like to push myself out of my comfort zone. I don’t really enjoy sci-fi and tend to not commit to YA unless the subject really intrigues me.

Please contact me at bookaddictionuk@outlook,com or find me on twitter by following the link on my home page.

Happy reading 😉