Entrapped by Claire Ayres #Blogtour #Review #Giveaway


Cellist, Luka, has moved to Bristol to start a new job and recover from the betrayal of finding his best friend and his girlfriend in bed together. He doesn’t plan on the emotional thunderstorm that meeting his next-door neighbour Jess causes.

Jess had everything, a man she loved, friends she adored and then the world crashed around her. Depression came from nowhere and slowly started ripping her life away. Now she lives a lonely, sad life but the music which she keeps hearing next door is waking her up and she doesn’t know why.

Join Luka and Jess as they discover life after heartache, how to forgive and how to live and love again.

*Entrapped is an 18+ Contemporary Romance with several graphic sex scenes*

My Review

Firstly I’d like to thank Jenny Marston and Claire Ayres for inviting me to take part in this blog tour.

Well, what can I say about Entrapped! What a read! As soon as I started reading it I was drawn in and couldn’t put it down.

Claire has written with warmth, understanding and passion. Jess, the main female character has depression, this has been depicted beautifully. I really felt for Jess, her life story is one of a true survivor.

Then there is Luka, a gorgeous character that it was easy to see why Jess falls for him. This may sound like a flowery love story but it isn’t. Yes, Luka and Jess do find love together but there is so much more to it.

There were parts that made me want to cry and parts that lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face.

There is sexual content but it adds to the passion of the story, it’s written well and not sleazy just very sexy!

Entrapped is a story of deceit, love, lust, friendships and passion.

I can not wait to read the next instalment!

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All About Claire

Claire lives in Bristol, UK and has taken her inspiration from the people and the places she has seen over the years. She always has a book close at hand and devours Fantasy and Romance like some devour chocolate! Claire loves a happily ever after followed by lots of bloody sword-fighting and dangerous dragons! But when writing her debut novel Entrapped drew on her childhood ambition to be a musician and one of the instruments she played and still loves as a centre-point.

Claire is also a passionate mental health advocate who lives with bipolar disorder and has done regular radio interviews and even some TV. She is also a huge heavy metal fan and can regularly be found banging her head at a concert or festival.

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Martinis & Memories by A.L.Michael #BlogTour #Review


Bel Hailstone has spent the past decade building her dream – Soho’s best burlesque club – from the ground up. But now The Martini Club is under threat and it will take everything in Bel’s power to resist encroaching developers and save her pride and joy.

Amidst the chaos Bel’s past comes knocking with the unexpected arrivals of her still-not-quite-ex-husband, her estranged mother and Brodie Porter – the boy who got away all those years ago.

To keep her beloved club afloat – not to mention her sanity – Bel will have to accept help for the first time in a long time, put the past to rest and claim the happy ever after she once thought was lost for good.

My Review

Firstly I’d like to thank Canelo for inviting me to take part in this blog tour.

I’m a huge fan of the Martini club series. The first instalment was one of the first books I reviewed.

A.L.Michaels has an amazing ability to create characters with depth that make you feel as if you know them personally.

In Martinis & Memories some of the characters from the other two books make an appearance which is lovely as it was like revisiting old friends. Although this is the third in the series it can be read as a stand-alone book. All three books have completely different settings and focus on a character that only has a small part in the rest of the series.

I enjoyed Martinis & Memories as Bel has always been a bit of a mysterious character, so to find out her background was great.

If you haven’t already discovered The Martini Club, I urge you to do so. The characters and places jump out of the pages at you and if you close you’re eyes you can almost imagine you’re there!

5* review from me!

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All About A.L.Michael

A.L. Michael is hurtling towards the end of her twenties a little too quickly. She is the author of 13 novels. Her most recent collection of books, The Martini Club Series, started with Cocktails and Dreams, to be followed by Prosecco and Promises, and Martinis and Memories.

She likes to write about difficult women. Well, they say to write what you know.

Andi works as a content writer, as well as a therapeutic facilitator. She has a bunch of degrees in stuff to do with writing, and wrote her MSc dissertation on the power of creative writing in eating disorder recovery. She truly believes stories can change your life.

She is represented by Madeleine Milburn Agency, and you’ll be seeing a lot more from her in 2018.

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Calamity in Camberwell by Alice Castle #Blogtour #Review #Giveaway


Beth Haldane, SE21’s answer to Miss Marple, worries she is losing a kindred spirit when her friend Jen, the only other single mum in the playground, suddenly gets married and moves to Camberwell.

Soon Beth has to face much more pressing fears. Has something gone horribly wrong with Jen’s marriage? What is her husband really up to? Why is her daughter leading Beth’s son astray? And where on earth IS Jen anyway?

As Beth’s friends push her to start dating again, Beth turns to Met Police DI Harry York for help. But will they solve the mystery in time, or will it turn out that in south east London, not everyone gets to live happily ever after?

My Review

I’d like to thank Rachel’s Random resources and Alice Castle for inviting me to take part in this blog tour.

Calamity In Camberwell is the third in a series of cosy crime fiction by Alice Castle.

Cosy Crime is a genre that’s been on my list to read for a long time. Calamity In Camberwell was a perfect start.

This is the third in a series but can be read as a stand alone novel.

I found the book to have two very contrasting sides. Firstly you have Beth’s home life. She’s a widow and has a young son. She hasn’t felt ready to dip her toe in the water of dating since the death of her husband three years previous. There is a spark between her and DI Harry York which started in the previous novel. Alice portrays this situation with compassion and understanding of the mixed feelings Alice has.

There’s then the story around Beth’s best friend. Jen has recently remarried, her husband to the outside world seems perfect. He’s first introduced into the storyline as a gentle giant. Then the door closes as Beth leaves and a very different story unfolds. Jen’s marriage is far from the domestic bliss it appears to be on the outside.

Beth has a bad feeling about Jen’s home life and decided to investigate, this leads to dangerous repercussions!

Calamity In Camberwell is a fab read with many twists and turns. I’m so glad Alice Castle is now on my radar, I’ll be downloading the rest in the series and looking out excitedly for the next!

All About Alice

Before turning to crime, Alice Castle was a UK newspaper journalist for The Daily Express, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. Her first book, Hot Chocolate, set in Brussels and London, was a European hit and sold out in two weeks.

Death in Dulwich was published in September 2017 and has been a number one best-seller in the UK, US, Canada, France, Spain and Germany. A sequel, The Girl in the Gallery was published in December 2017 to critical acclaim. Calamity in Camberwell, the third book in the London Murder Mystery series, will be published this summer, with Homicide in Herne Hill due to follow in early 2019.  Alice is currently working on the fifth London Murder Mystery adventure. Once again, it will feature Beth Haldane and DI Harry York.

She lives in south London and is married with two children, two step-children and two cats.

Where To Find Alice

Alice is also a mummy blogger and book reviewer find her here…




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Death In Dulwich

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The Girl In The Letter By Emily Gunnis #Blogtour #GuestPost


‘A great book, truly hard to put down. Fast paced, brilliantly plotted and desperately sad at times – all hallmarks of a bestseller’ Lesley Pearse on The Girl in the Letter 

Perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Kathryn Hughes, this gripping novel of long-buried secrets will stay with you for ever.

A heartbreaking letter. A girl locked away.  A mystery to be solved.

1956. When Ivy Jenkins falls pregnant she is sent in disgrace to St Margaret’s, a dark, brooding house for unmarried mothers. Her baby is adopted against her will. Ivy will never leave.

Present day. Samantha Harper is a journalist desperate for a break. When she stumbles on a letter from the past, the contents shock and move her. The letter is from a young mother, begging to be rescued from St Margaret’s. Before it is too late.

Sam is pulled into the tragic story and discovers a spate of unexplained deaths surrounding the woman and her child. With St Margaret’s set for demolition, Sam has only hours to piece together a sixty-year-old mystery before the truth, which lies disturbingly close to home, is lost for ever…

Read her letter. Remember her story…

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Is like to thank Anne Cater and Emily Gunnis for inviting me on to this blog tour.

I’m excited to welcome Emily in to blog today with her fantastic guest post …

My inspiration for The Girl in the Letter

Although I didn’t start writing it until much more recently, inspiration for The Girl in the Letter was born along with my daughter Grace eight years ago. I remember seeing a film in my twenties called the Magdalene Sisters and it having a profound effect on me.  The idea that nuns, people who are supposed to be caring and loving, could be so cruel as to physically rip a baby from it’s mother – and have it adopted against her will – really stayed with me.  But it wasn’t until having my own child, that I realised it would be something you would never get over.

So many women who have been forced to give up a baby, never recovered.  So much so that they physically couldn’t have any more children, such was the effect of their deeply profound grief on their bodies.  A great many women, hundreds of thousands in the UK, who did go on to have families afterwards, never spoke a word of their ordeal to anyone.  As Ivy says to Elvira in her opening letter, ‘A mother cannot forget her baby any more than a baby can forget her mother.’  Indeed the bond between mother and child begins a long time before a child is born, in fact babies in the womb actively listen to their mother’s voice during the last ten weeks of pregnancy.

I remember vividly, after a three day labour, the doctors taking Grace away from me because she was having trouble breathing.  I was looking over at her, surrounded by a wonderful team of doctors and midwives trying to get her to breathe.  I felt very weak but all I cared about was her.  I just remember I kept calling out, ‘Is she okay, is she okay?’  My husband said, everyone was around Grace and ignoring you and then you fainted and everyone was suddenly around you.

Can you imagine how I would have felt, how any mother would feel, if they’d taken her away and I’d never seen her again? Her being on the other side of the room was bad enough! To carry a baby for nine months, go through the physical and mental ordeal that is child birth and then; gone. Never know if she’s okay, happy, sad, cold, fed? There is a saying that a mother is only as happy as its unhappiest child, where does that leave you if you have no idea? You’d be lost.

Twins was the second, huge influence. The whole nature/nurture debate has always fascinated me. As a mother, the endless worry begins from day one; whether your decisions are the right ones, if you raised them differently, would they turn out to be happier, more successful, more fulfilled? When I was pregnant with my second daughter Ellie, who was eleven pounds when she was born – (naturally I might add, it did smart a bit) – people kept asking me, rather helpfully, if I had another one in there?  What it would be like to have twins began to interest me.  Maybe the scan was wrong, maybe I was carrying two babies.  I found myself reading a lot about twins, and came across an article about sisters who had been separated at birth and never knew that the other one existed.  When they were reunited, they had so much in common, similar mannerisms, similar husbands.  But what I found the most fascinating was that they had led very different lives.  One had been adopted by a rich family, went to private school, had tennis lessons, lived in a big house, the other twin had been kept by her very hard up birth mother, who was an alcoholic and had a dreadful time. How do you cope with being handed such a dreadful lot in life while your twin has been given everything on a silver platter? Just because of one moment in time, a split second when someone reached out and picked them from the cot instead of you.  The hand of fate.

Around this time a film called Philomena came out, and with it a number of articles in the papers about mother and baby homes including an interview with Steven O’Riordan who has campaigned for many years for justice for the hundreds of thousands of women incarcerated in Ireland’s Magdalene laundries.  This subject matter seemed to be speaking to me, and I started digging.  I was fascinated to discover that mother and baby homes were not exclusive to Ireland, far from it.  By 1968, there were a total of 172 known homes for unmarried mothers in England, the majority run by religious bodies.  With an all time peak in 1968 of 16,186 adoptions granted to women, many of whom were pressured into giving up their babies against their will.  1968, that’s only fifty years ago!  Stories of women who never got over their ordeal seemed to be everywhere.

So the idea for The Girl in the Letter began to form in my head; twins born in a mother and baby home in Sussex and then separated, never knowing of the other’s existence.  The girls, Kitty and Elvira, live very different lives, one filled with love, the other with neglect. Then one fateful night, aged eight, their paths cross setting of a chain of events which would lead to the unravelling of a sixty year mystery and expose a baby laundering industry many would rather we forgot.

All About Emily

Emily Gunnis previously worked in TV drama and lives in Brighton with her young family. She is one of the four daughters of Sunday Times bestselling author Penny Vincenzi.

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The Bespokist Society – Guide To London #BlogTour #Guestpost

The_Bespokist_Society_Guide_to_London_COVER Large


“Wow!!! A genuinely bespoke city guide!!!” Tommy Sponge, Chairman, The Bespokist Society

You have in your hands one of the most curated city guides ever created. As the first travel book produced by the hugely influential Bespokist Society, this handy guide takes you to a London you’ve never seen: a London of challenging Etruscan restaurants, edgy branding parlours, emoji hotels and hidden Icelandic communities; a London where 8-ply toilet paper is a thing.

On the way, meet an eclectic band of inspiring Londoners – from scriveners to socialites via urban wordsmiths and coffee preachers – and see why London is now the global epicentre of Bespokist consciousness, community and culture.

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The Bespokist Society Guide to…London Full Tour Banner


Tommy Sponge, Chairman of The Bespokist Society, introduces us to a new wave of bespoke suncreams now available in the heart of London – the perfect way to be kind to your body and conscience when catching the summer rays.


Remember when we were kids (in the carefree days before the ozone layer and carbon dioxide) and the sun wasn’t as strong as it is now? I remember happily sunbathing and swimming all day without even getting pink! Then came the famous ‘Sunburn Summer’ of 1987 and suddenly we couldn’t move in Boots for sun lotions of all factors and brands. The problem of course is that these suncreams are almost universally packed with sheep gelatine – which is not only dicey from an ethical perspective but worryingly has been recently linked to dozens of cases of Type C Croup across Western Europe.


Thankfully Fenella Styles has the solution. Sun + Kind, her new range of handmade, bespoke creams, gently combines Guatemalan apricot milk with naturally sourced Arctic hibiscus plants to create a suncream that is vegan, gluten free and most importantly is a natural enhancer of skin-nourishing B carbolites in the human body. Do be aware that unlike industrial suncreams Sun + Kind does need to be reapplied every 15 minutes during daylight hours (and overnight) but once you’ve felt its luxuriant qualities you’ll be only too happy to keep on dousing.


Fenella has now opened her first boutique in Covent Garden’s smart Monmouth Street where her charming, sun savvy staff are only too happy to comment on individual freckle patches to make sure you walk away with a product perfectly in tune with your own skin. There’s also a range of photos of the Guatemalan village which – all thanks to Styles stumbling across its extraordinary apricot trees – now has a mayor and a police station.


Sun + Kind creams come in a variety of factors ranging from 1-3 and are available both in satin pouches and as a cardboard spray.



The Bespokist Society Guide to…London

Author Bio

The Bespokist Society Guide to London is a work of fiction written by born and bred Londoner, Jeremy Liebster. Somewhat surprisingly, Jeremy is also a city lawyer – formerly at DLA Piper and now a General Counsel within a large private equity group. Jeremy is utterly obsessed with travel books and although he might poke fun at urban fads, hipster fried chicken is his guilty pleasure. He also has an unusual interest in clothes hangers.

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The Cheesemakers House by Jane Cable #Review #BlogTour


Just think, Alice, right now Owen could be putting a hex on you!

When Alice Hart’s husband runs off with his secretary, she runs off with his dog to lick her wounds in a North Yorkshire village. Battling with loneliness but trying to make the best of her new start, she soon meets her neighbours, including the drop-dead gorgeous builder Richard Wainwright and the kindly yet reticent cafe´ owner, Owen Maltby.

As Alice employs Richard to start renovating the barn next to her house, all is not what it seems. Why does she start seeing Owen when he clearly isn’t there? Where – or when – does the strange crying come from? And if Owen is the village charmer, what exactly does that mean?

The Cheesemaker’s House is a gripping read, inspired by a framed will found in the dining room of the author’s dream Yorkshire house. The previous owners explained that the house had been built at the request of the village cheesemaker in 1726 – and that the cheesemaker was a woman. And so the historical aspect of the story was born.

Jane Cable’s novel won the Suspense & Crime category of The Alan Titchmarsh Show People’s Novelist competition, reaching the last four out of over a thousand entries. The Cheesemaker’s House can be enjoyed by anyone who has become bored of today’s predictable boy-meets-girl romance novels.

My Review

The Cheesemakers House Full Banner

I’d like to thank Rachel’s Random Resources and Jane Cable for including me in this blog tour.

The cheesemakers House was an absolute delight to read. It was unusual and quirky which made it intriguing.

Jane has a real knack of mixing mystery, romance and a touch of paranormal magic, which I always enjoy. The historical aspect of the story really captivated me, Jane has obviously done her research. Learning about Owen being a charmer (someone who uses herbs, charms and some white magic to heal people, not a ladies man!) was a something that intrigued me.

When a book transports you to another place you know it’s a hit, The Cheesemakers House definitely did that to me. The descriptions of Great Fencote were so vivid I felt as if I’d visited there. I’d love to read a sequel to this story.

I’m now off to download Jane’s novel Faerie tree, don’t wait up 😉

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All About Jane

The Cheesemaker Author Headshot - Image Creative

Although brought up in Cardiff, Jane Cable left Wales to study at the age of eighteen and has lived in England ever since. Her father was Anglo-Welsh poet Mercer Simpson so growing up in a house full of books Jane always read – and wrote. In 2011 she started to take her hobby seriously when The Cheesemaker’s House, which became her debut novel, reached the final of The Alan Titchmarsh Show’s People’s Novelist competition. She writes romance with a twist of mystery which has been published independently and through the UK ebook giant, Endeavour Press. Jane is an active member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and a director of Chindi Authors.

In 2017 Jane moved to Cornwall and this year will become a full time author. She’s passionate about her new home, cricket, travelling and her husband of 22 years – although not necessarily in that order.

Where To Find Jane

with book - Image Creative




The Cheesemakers House

The Little Cornish Kitchen By Jane Linfoot #Review #Giveaway #BlogTour

cornish kitchen new (1)


t’s time to Come home to Cornwall

With an exciting new life in Paris, Clemmie Hamilton isn’t looking forward to heading home to the picturesque but sleepy village of St Aidan, Cornwall. However, when she discovers that the cosy apartment by the sea, which her grandmother left to her, is under threat from neighbour and property developer, Charlie Hobson, Clemmie realises she can’t abandon her home in its time of need.

With her childhood friends encouraging her, Clemmie decides to turn the apartment into ‘The Little Cornish Kitchen’ – a boutique pop up pudding club raising money for the repairs to the building in an effort to stop Charlie once and for all. But when Charlie and his easy charm won’t seem to go away, everything soon becomes even messier than the state of Clemmie’s Cornish kitchen…

My Review

I’d like to thank Rachel’s Random Resources and Jane Linfoot for including me in this blog tour.

The Little Cornish Kitchen is the perfect summer read. It’s like a sunbeam in a book.

Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the entire world mixed with recipes that literally made my mouth water, this gorgeous book had the thumbs up from me before I had even finished the first chapter.

The Little Cornish Kitchen is a heartwarming story of true friendships and love. The characters within the pages are warm and believable.

This was my first read from Jane but definitely won’t be my last!

Click Here To Buy The Little Cornish Kitchen

All About Jane


Jane Linfoot is a best selling author, who lives in a muddy cottage, up a steep hill in Derbyshire, with her family, their pets, and an astonishing number of spiders. Although she loves seeing cow noses over the garden wall, she’s happy she can walk to a supermarket.

Jane grew up in North Yorkshire where she spent a lot of her childhood avoiding horizontal gales blowing off the sea, and wrote her first book by accident, while working as an architect, and renovating country houses. While she loves to write feelgood books that let readers escape, she’s always surprised to hear her stories make people laugh, admits to (occasionally) crying as she writes, and credits her characters for creating their own story lines.

Jane’s garden would be less brambly if she wasn’t on Facebook and Twitter so often. On days when she wants to be really scared, she rides a tandem.

Her latest books include a series of stand alone novels, based around a seaside wedding shop in Cornwall. Cupcakes and Confetti – The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea, Sequins and Snowflakes – Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop, and Bunting and Bouquets – Summer at the Little Wedding Shop, and most recently, The Little Cornish Kitchen. These are all published by Harper Impulse,  an imprint of Harper Collins.

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