The Price by Kerry Kaya #Blogtour #Review


Break the rules…
Harry Fletcher – Fletch to his friends – has spent his life surviving the tough streets of the East End.
He knows working for notorious gangster Billy King is dangerous, and sleeping with Billy’s beautiful wife, Susan is deadly…but rules are meant to be broken.
Pay the price.
If Billy discovers the affair, Fletch is a dead man. But the closer he gets to Susan the more reckless Fletch becomes. And soon, Fletch realises that every one – even him – must pay the price for his actions.
But just what is Fletch prepared to lose…and will the cost be too high, even for him?

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My Review

Oh my goodness this book has taken over my life for the last few days, I could not put it down, it felt like I was watching it on TV and I now am having major withdrawal symptoms!

If you like an edge of your seat read then The Price is definitely the book for you. From the very first page I was pulled into the book and didn’t come out until I’d read the last sentence. I found myself reading it in every spare moment I had.

The characters were created so beautifully that I could create them in my mind, each one unique and with their own story. There is swearing in the book, but this made the story even more real and gritty and added to the whole atmosphere and scene setting of it.

Fletch is a great character with lots of depth, and I found myself rooting for him throughout. The Price packs a punch with characters coming to unexpected ends, this definitely isn’t a story that has happy ever afters throughout but this adds to the thrill of reading it. There are some real plot twists that leave your heart pounding.

I love stories set in the East End and this was the perfect setting for the The Price. The story centres around two London gangs, one led by the notorious Billy King, the other by the dark and very nasty George Bannerman. I’m not going to give any of the plot away as it would spoil it for you,

I cannot recommend this book enough, I’d love to see a sequel to this if it was possible and I could imagine it being a hit as a TV drama.

A huge thank you to Kerry and Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on to this amazing blog tour!

All About Kerry

Kerry Kaya is the hugely popular author of Essex-based gritty gangland thrillers with strong family dynamics. She grew up on one of the largest council estates in the UK, where she sets her novels.
She also works full-time in a busy maternity department for the NHS. She has signed a nine-book deal with Boldwood for both new and backlist titles. Her first book The Price will be published in July 2021.

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