Unlawful Things by Anna Saybuen Lane #Blogtour Review


 A hidden masterpiece.A secret buried for 500 years.And one woman determined to uncover the truth.When London tour guide Helen Oddfellow meets a historian on the trail of a lost manuscript, she’s intrigued by the mystery – and the man. But the pair are not the only ones desperate to find the missing final play by sixteenth century English playwright Christopher Marlowe. What starts as a literary puzzle quickly becomes a quest with deadly consequences.When Helen realises the play hides an explosive religious secret, she begins to understand how much is at stake. Relying on her quick wits, she battles far-right thugs, eccentric aristocrats and an ancient religious foundation, each with their own motives for getting their hands on the manuscript. She discovers there is a price to pay for secret knowledge, but how high is too high?UnlawfulThings was shortlisted for the Virago/The Pool New Crime Writer Award. If you love a bit of historical sleuthing and a healthy dose of fast-paced action, you’ll enjoy this intriguing debut thriller from Anna Sayburn Lane.

My Review

I’d like to thank Anne Cater and Anna Sayburn Lane for inviting me onto this blog tour.

Unlawful Things was such an engaging read. It’s really evident how much research has gone into writing this wonderful book.

The story focuses on Helen who has a passion for the playwright Marlowe, she is a London tour guide. A local newspaper prints an article on her, following her tour and about her interest in Marlowe. A historian reads the article and contacts Helen to help him find the lost play written by Marlowe.

Inbetween following Helen and Richard the story also concentrates on Nick, the journalist who wrote the article on Helen.

In contrast to the historical background of Helen and Richard’s story, Nick’s is very current. He is attending the opening of a mosque to write an article, when a racial hate group start a riot. Hurting a young Muslim man and Nick in the process. He search for the leader if the group begins.

At first I couldn’t see how the two stories would collide but they do, and with explosive results.

With the historical background you would think this would be a sedate read, think again! It is a real page turner and had me hooked. There are some real punch in the stomach moments within these pages, also parts where i really didn’t see things coming.

I was shocked and heartbroken at a part which I won’t reveal as it would be a real spoiler. But I will say Helen doesn’t play it safe and the result is an emotional ride.

I enjoyed Unlawful Things immensely, if you’re looking for an exciting, knowledgable and engrossing read you’ve found your match! I’m hungry to find out more about Marlowe now, if you subscribe to Anna’s website you will be sent information about Helen’s London your including exclusive photos. Guess what I’m off to do!

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All About Anna

 Anna Sayburn Lane is a novelist, short story writer and storyteller, inspired by the history and contemporary life of London. Unlawful Things is her first novel.
She has published award-winning short stories in a number of magazines, including Mslexia, Scribble and One Eye Grey.
Her Mslexia award-winning story Conservation was described by judge and Booker-longlisted author Alison MacLeod as “a powerful and profound contemporary piece in which one man’s story stands for an entire nation’s… it’s a punch to the heart, a story that will haunt and touch its readers deeply”.
She has told stories at London club The Story Party and One Eye Grey’s Halloween event, Moon Over the Lido

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