Fierce Grace by Jess B Moore #Blogtour #Q&A


Annabelle Dare is in a good place. She landed a sweet job, teaching at the quaint Fox River Elementary School. She has everything she needs: teaching music and sharing an apartment with her best friend. A simple life, she’s convinced, is all she needs.    

Asher Grace knows who he is and what he has to offer. Nothing. A poor boy from the wrong side of town, steel worker, with too much weight on his shoulders as he is trying to hold his family together. Best choice is avoiding too-sweet-for-her-own-good Annabelle at all costs.    

Annabelle falls in love with the way she comes to life with Asher. He awakens a hunger for life and love in her that she didn’t know she possessed.  

Asher must learn his worth beyond his upbringing and his past. Annabelle must learn to stoke the fire of life as it burns within her and learn how close she can get before the flames lick her. 

I’d like to thank Jess Moore and Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me onto this blog tour.

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I’m so happy to welcome Jess on to my blog today with a Q & A …

1. Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Both.  There are times (usually in the beginning, when the idea is fresh) when its all I can think about, and I cant wait to write more, and Im excited all the time.  There are also times (usually toward the end) when I am too deep into it, stretched thin, and need to take a step back.  It can vacillate between the two across the entire process, and its something you learn to manage.  

2. Have you ever gotten readers block?

Actually, yes.  Id say Im having it now.  Such a weird thing for me to experience!!  Nothing is satisfying me.  I think its a combination of stress from writing to meet a deadline, pressures in my personal life, and feeling like I dont have the time to invest.  Which is utterly untrue – I fully believe that a writer must also be a reader.  In fact, I vow to set aside time for reading from here on out!

3. Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

I did.  Buried in a notebook somewhere is a list of name ideas.  I was convinced it would be better – meaning I could hide behind it.  For me it came down to writing about personal issues (in fictional stories) and not wanting anyone to know some of these things were about me.  In the end, all of that seemed silly, and I decided to own my stories.  No matter what.  

4. What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

I dont have any in real life author friends.  However I have made many author friends via social media, and I adore them!  Megan Mayfair has been beyond supportive, and weve even joined forces to do a double giveaway (in October).  Aimee Brown answers all my questions, be it about websites, publishing, or editing.  They were both so kind as to read advanced copies of Fierce Grace for me, and to give endorsements to the book.  


Fierce Grace is everything I am coming to expect from Jess B Moore – sweet, romantic yet with a keen observational wit that make her books true, warm and wise. She writes from the heart and I guarantee she will capture yours with her gorgeous characters, adorable settings and eloquent style.

Megan Mayfair, author of The Things We Leave Unsaid 


Fierce Grace is a story both sweet and steamy, I didn’t want it to end. A romance novel you won’t soon forget. -Aimee Brown, author of The Lucky Dress


5. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

Im not sure I want to admit this!  There are at least 100 unfinished projects saved on my computer.  Seriously!  Im a starter – not a finisher.  Yikes!  But I do have a couple which are complete, but would need some serious dusting off and editing before they could be passable.  In the mean time, I am committed to finishing all my Fox River Romance books. 

6. What did you edit out of Fierce Grace?

Quite a bit!  Fierce Grace started out a lot different than it ended up.  All of Annabelles backstory changed from the first draft to the current story.  I also cut an entire scene about pizza toppings (some things are better left on the cutting room floor, haha).  

7. What emotions do you hope your book evokes in readers?

Hope.  Empathy.  I want people to relate to the characters (or at least one along the way), and to get the stories Im telling.  I would love if someone reads Fierce Grace and feels angry, feels glorious, feels excited – Im all about the feels and hope to bring them out!   

8. What would your spirit animal be?

A house cat.  Id love to lie around and be pampered all day.  While retaining an air of mystery.  For people to ooh and ahh at me, and lavish me with love.  Then still love me when I walk away and want to be alone.  

9. Lastly, in your group of friends, what role do you play?

The mother.  Ive always been that friend.  Even as kids, I was the cautious one, the snack planner, the worrier.  I want to listen, to hug you, and to help with anything at any time!  


Thank you for having me!

All About Jess

Jess B Moore is a writer of love stories.  When she’s not writing, she’s busy mothering her talented and stubborn children, reading obscene numbers of books, and knitting scarves she’ll likely never finish.   

Jess lives in small town North Carolina with her bluegrass obsessed family.  She takes too many pictures of her cats, thinking the Internet loves them as much as she does.  She is a firm believer of swapping stories over coffee or wine, and that there should always be dark chocolate involved.   

Where To Find Jess

Look her up on social media @authorjessb – she’d be thrilled if you followed her on Twitter, overjoyed if you visited her on Facebook, and filled with glee if you liked her Instagram posts.  





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