Into The Summerland by Julian Cundy #Blogpost #Review

I’d like to thank Authoright and Julian Cundy for including me in this blog tour.


The eternal question – what happens when we die? Is there a consequence from how we lived? Is there a reckoning?

Henry Ashton’s turbulent life is at an end. As he moves on from this world, he discovers how elusive the final peace can be.

With a spirit companion by his side, Henry learns there can be no peace without reconciliation, no rest without acceptance. He must walk his own path to absolution.

“For some souls the transition from mortal life to eternal peace is an easy one, soon completed. For others, who have been troubled in their life or who cannot reconcile the events and their part in them, the journey is longer…and harder. But every soul will find its rest.”

My Review

Into the Summerland  was a pure delight to read. I really love spiritual books so for me this was a true treat. It tells the story of Henry  and what happens immediately after he dies.

Julian’s writing style is beautiful, i was totally absorbed, to the extent i was on a train home with a real raucous crowd further up the carriage, I started to read Into The Summerland  at the beginning of the journey and when my journey came to an end and i entered back into the real world, i couldn’t believe the commotion that was going on around me. I’d been totally oblivious to any of the goings on! Much to my partners astonishment.

Into The Summerland is a story of  coming to terms with things that have happened in the past and ultimately finding peace. For me it was a story of hope and reassurance, truly inspirational!

All About Julian

Living  in  Westcliff-on-Sea  Essex,  Julian  Cundy  is  a British  adventurer,  dedicated  day  dreamer,  wordsmith  and  observer  of  life  and  all  its  absurdities.  He  is  a  recognisable  character  in  his  home  town  thanks  to  his  eye-catching  outfits  comprising  fine  hats,  cravats,  tails  and  spats.

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