The kitchens of the great Midwest by J Ryan Stradal

My third review for love reading is an unusual book which i was sure i would dislike, that just happens sometimes doesn’t it! Some books just don’t sit right or feel right, the characters don’t jump out of the page at you. I was wrong however with this particular book, i gave it a chance & loved it 🙂

I started this book with trepidation, after the first chapter i was hooked!  The story follows Eva Thorvald as she enters her father’s world of culinary expertise.

This is not a straight forward story, there is sorrow as well as triumphs throughout. Each chapter depicts the lives of friends, family & mere acquaintances who all touch & impact on Eva’s life. Eva remains the central character as people come & go.

Her Mother, Cindy, leaves Eva & her father when Eva is only a few months old, Lars, Eva’s father, dies shortly after & Eva is bought up by her uncle & aunt who bring Eva up as their own, never telling her the truth about her parents. When Cindy re-enters the story in the final chapters, she meets her daughter as a grown woman who has become an enigma in the fashionable foodie world, will Cindy tell Eva who she is?

I dare you to read this story & not become entwined within the pages!

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