A Mother’s story by Amanda Prowse

My second book review for love reading………

A Mother’s story will have you laughing out loud one minute & crying uncontrollably the next.
The story gives a heartbreaking insight into postnatal depression. It follows the life of Jessica, a smart if some what dizzy but very likeable character. The book switches from past & present. alternating in each chapter. As Jess & Matthews love story unfolds you really do get drawn into the excitement of new love, you follow their rollercoaster ride through marriage & the birth of their first baby daughter, Lilly.
My heart ached for Jess as postnatal depression takes it hold & brings her down to the depths of despair, the chapters set in the present give you an idea of how the story will unfold.
I must admit at times i found the story hard to read, as a Mum myself,but at the same time i couldn’t put it down, i felt a warmth towards the characters in the book & at times made my partner jump as i laughed out loud at some of the hilarious situations Jess & Matthew find themselves in.
The end wasn’t disappointing! I’m so glad i read A Mother’s story, with no experience of postnatal depression myself it gave me an insight into this horror of an illness. A fantastic read!

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